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One of a pre-school reading programme in four levels, for young children and parents to enjoy together. There are four levels - starting with red, then yellow, blue and finally green - each level consisting of six books and offering a variety of reading experiences. There are stories, poems, rhymes and songs, traditional tales and information books. Each book contains its own set of illustrated support notes - at the front and back - outlining qualities in the text, giving reading pointers and suggesting a range of follow-up activities. More detailed guidance is available in a parents handbook.

Reading Together is an exciting reading programme using real books for parents to help their children learn to read at home. The series consists of packs of six high-quality paperback picture books in four levels. They have been carefully selected for language and content by the Centre for Language in Primary Education. There are stories, poems, action rhymes, songs, traditional tales and information books in a good mixture of old favourites and completely new titles all by superb authors and illustrators - Penny Dale, Allan Ahlberg, Colin McNaughton, Jan Ormerod, Colin West, Michael Rosen, Sarah Hayes, to name but a few. Notes at the beginning of each title show parents how to use the books with their child, and there are ideas for activities that relate to the stories at the end. A separate Parent's Handbook explains the importance of helping children to read at home and advises how best to do it. This is a fabulous idea, imaginatively executed. Review by FIONA LAFFEERTY (Kirkus UK)"