Book Title: Extending Place Value KS2 (Resource Bank Maths)

Details: Author: Simonds, Lucy

Reading Age: All Ages

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN-13: 9780590539890

Number of pages: 32

Dimensions: 84.1 x 0.3 x 59.4 cm

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Book Description
Compiled to provide teachers of maths in Key Stage 2 with a variety of essential resources, this book focuses on extending place value, a topic which often causes children difficulties. They are more likely to read large numbrs digit by digit than as so many 100,000s, for example. This book provides many examples of how we use the digits 0-9 to make every bigger and even smaller numbers. Contexts for this are provided from the A1 Olympic stadium poster, populations statistics etc. There is a strong emphasis on developing mental calculation skills and maths vocabulary in line with the recommendations of the NNPs "Framework". There are supporting photocopiable sheets and lesson plans that are structured to support direct teaching of the whole class followed by differentiated group/indiviudal work."