Book Title: My Easy Reading Library First Readling Level 2 16 books

Details: Author: Various

Reading Age: 5 - 6

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781409594758

Number of pages: 0


Retail Price: €92.75

  • €65.00

Book Details

Level Two titles stretch the reader a little more than Level One, with more advanced storylines. They are 32 pages in length, comprising character pages or maps, the main story (up to 250 words) and reading-related puzzles.

Pack contains 16 titles in illustrated novel format.

- Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
- Magic Melon
- How Bear Lost His Tail
- Little Miss Muffett
- Old Mother Hubbard
- One Two Buckle My Shoe
- Day Dreamer
- There Was a Crooked Man
- Tortoise and the Eagle
- King Donkey Ears
- Clever Rabbit and the Wolves
- Old Woman Who Lived In A shoe
- How Elephants Lost Their Wings
- Genie in the Bottle
- Dragon and The Pheonix
- Clever Rabbit and the Lion"