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Mouse is small, tortoise is bigger, zebra is even bigger and elephant is the biggest of all! As the animals increase in size, so do the pages in this colourful board book for babies, demonstrating the first concept of sizes in an accessible and engaging way for the very young.

Book Description
A bright and colourful Baby Walker board book to help introduce your baby to sizes.

About the Author
Mary Murphy is the author-illustrator of two Baby Walker board books Quick Duck! and Slow Snail. She has also created numerous picture book titles including, A Kiss Like This, How Kind!, Little Owl and the Star, I Kissed the Baby and Utterly Lovely One, as well as Egmont's Little Penguin series. She has also written a Walker Story book, Comings and Goings at Parrot Park, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg. She lives in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway, Ireland."